Rotterdam2Stay will make every endeavour to offer you a top-notch living environment. All our residences will provide light, modern spaces with a neat and tidy kitchen and sanitary installations.

We work with All-inclusive prices. The All-in prices vary from €600 to €938 depending on the apartment/room size which ranges from 20m2 to 59m2.

What does the all-in price cover?
  • Basic rent
  • Furniture and all common built-in devices and equipment
  • Full inventory
  • Wired internet in your studio flat. and wifi in the communal areas (launderette and YPMP)
  • Wifi in the communal areas (launderette and YPMP) and roof terraces
  • Television with basic subscription
  • Service costs
  • Use of the Young Professional Meeting Point and Miele Laundrette (payment per washing cycle)
  • Advance payment of all services such as water, heat, and electricity. You pay what you have consumed. Each year we will send a bill of the service costs.

Not included in the all-in price:
The administration fee, local taxes and water board tax are not included in your rent price:

  • Administration fee
    When booking a studio or apartment at DNA, the lessor of the building charges a one-time registration fee of €150,- (incl. VAT) consisting of administration and contract costs.
  • Local taxes and water board tax
    The local taxes and water board tax (in Dutch: 'Afvalstoffenheffing' and 'Waterschapsbelasting'), which you will be charged for personally by the municipality and water board of Rotterdam, remain to be paid. These amounts are approximately €30 per month when you live alone and €45 per month when you live together with someone. You may request an acquittal of maximum 60% of these amounts. Rotterdam2Stay can inform you about the procedure at the time of check-in. These taxes are billed once a year. 

Rent prices
Below an example of the rent prices at Rotterdam2Stay.  

   Basic rent  Service fees  Deliveries
 & services 
 All-in rent *  Maximum housing allowance possible **
20 €502 €23 €163 €673 €263
40 €638 €23 €163 €809 €334
59 €753 €23 €163 €924 Not applicable

 * All-in-rent charged per month. The housing allowance, if you meet the criteria, will be paid by the government to your account directly.
 ** We based our calculation of the housing allowance on a single-person household (23 y/o and older) with an annual income of maximum €15.000 or below. When you are younger than 23, you may be eligible for a housing allowance. Calculate your housing allowance here

All tenants are required to pay a deposit prior to moving in to their new studio or apartment. The deposit amount is €850 for all studios and apartments. Once the tenant has moved out, provided us with a proof of deregistration from the address and left their flat completely clean and undamaged, this amount is transferred back to their account within 28 days after moving out. 

Second person fee
Apartments with a seperated bedroom can be occupied by two people (only couples). The total rent per month increases by €30 per month due to a higher energy consumption.

Housing allowance
With our Housing allowance service we can assist you in applying for housing allowance, if you meet the requirements. The housing allowance make your rent even more affordable, because you will receive a significant cost reduction from the Dutch government! Read more about our Housing allowance service.

Advance payments of water, electricity and heating
Part of the service costs cover your usage of water, electricity and heating in your apartment. These costs amount to a fixed price, which is based on an average monthly usage and is included in your rent.

In spite of this, the usage of your water, heating and electricity differs each day.
The settlement department calculates your services’ usage once a year, before July 31st. This is the reason for which we are sending out an email, which includes the annual statement of your service costs. The annual statement is an overview of the pre-paid service costs compared to your actual usage.

For example
You have rented a studio at any time in 2017. No matter if you still live here or have already moved out, you will receive the information about your service costs before 31-07-2018.
If you’ve used less services than the amount of the monthly advanced payments, you will be refunded within four weeks after receiving the email. If you've used more services than you paid for, you might have to pay an extra amount.
This is also mentioned in the General provisions of your contract.

Good to know
We write down your meter readings at the beginning of your tenancy (when you receive your keys) and at the end (when you leave), in order to make sure you only pay for the time that you lived here!